NOI 2020 - Timeline


9th January, 2020

The awards ceremony for 2019 and Initial Workshop for 2020 will be held.

9th January, 2020.

Contest Registration Opens.

January 2020

NOI Portal Access
Students will be given access to the NOI Portal where the resources are available.

January 2020

Screening Test
The Screening test will be available for several days. You will be devided into categories according to the marks you obtain.

February 2020

Students will be assigned a mentor to support throughout the programme.

February - June 2020

Awareness Sessions and Monthly Contests
During this perios awareness sessions will be held and anyone can join and participate
Also the Monthly Contests will be there once a month and you will be ranked accordingly.

June, 2020

NOI 2020 Final Competition
Final NOI competition will be held and 4 highest performers will be selected to participate in International Olympiad in Informatics that will be held in Singapore.

July, 2020

The selected participants will compete in International Olympiad in Informatics

December, 2020

Best performing students and IOI participants will be awarded.