National Olympiad in Informatics - Sri Lanka

ජාතික පරිගණක විද්‍යා ඔලිම්පියාඩ් තරඟාවලිය

Special Annoucements 📣

Online qualifier round of NOI 2021 will be held on 15th May 2021

For more information regarding the program, please see "Timeline" page.

IOI 2020 Sri Lanka Delegation

Congratulations to Sithija, Lakshith, Chirath and Thithiesha who will represent Sri Lanka at the 32nd International Olympiad in Informatics.

Sithija Kotuwewatta

Lakshith Nishshanke

Chirath Nirodha

Thithiesha Mahabaduge

What is the National Olympiad in Informatics?

The National Olympiad in Informatics is a competition for school students, based on computing. The contestants have to write computer programs to solve a given set of problems, within a limited time. Competing at NOI puts the problem solving ability of students to work.

The NOI is the competition that is used to select students to compete at the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) competition, held annually in different countries. Each year, 4 students are selected from the National Olympiad in Informatics competition, to represent Sri Lanka at IOI.

If you are a school student interested in problem solving and computers, put your skills to test and improve them with NOI!

National Olympiad in Informatics program is organized by the ACM student Chapter of UCSC, with collaboration of IOI alumni of Sri Lanka

NOI 2021 Registrations are open!