How to Compete?

තරඟ වදින ආකාරය

Eligibility | සුදුසුකම්

  • The NOI program is there for the school students, hence contestants should be enrolled in a school
  • Contestants should be not older than twenty years on the 1st of July 2021

Process of the competition | තරඟ ක්‍රියාවලිය

Upon registering on the NOI website, you will be able to sign into the NOI portal using the email and password provided at registration. The NOI portal is the dashboard that contains information regarding upcoming competitions, training sessions, homework etc. personalized for you.

If you’re new to programming, you can start off with the training material provided in the NOI portal.

Every registered participant has to follow the division B program by default and the details of this program are as follows :

Division B Program :

  • All newly registered contestants will be added to the division B program as stated earlier.
  • The monthly practice contests for the division B contestants commences on the 26th of December 2020
  • Contestants in this division have to face monthly practice contests hosted by the Scientific Committee of NOI and will be notified to the participants by the event coordinators.
  • At the end of each monthly contest, the top two contestants of the Division B program will be promoted to the Division A program.

Division A Program :
  • The initial 8 contestants of the division A program have already been selected from the NOI 2020 competition after taking their final scores into consideration. With the initial 8 contestants, Division A training program commenced in December 2020.
  • Participants who enter this division will remain in this division until the end of the next Division B monthly practice contest.
  • Contestants will have to participate in a set of competitions every month.
  • The score of the participants in the division A program will be calculated based on the score obtained by participating in contests instructed by the program organizers. (Eg : A coordinator may instruct you to take part the codeforces contests along with other international contests)
  • Contestants in the division A program are allowed to compete in NOI monthly contests, but their results wouldn't be counted for the final leaderboard of the contest.
  • At the end of each monthly Division B contest, the last ranking two members of the Division A program will be demoted to the Division B program.

The main competition (or the National Olympiad in Informatics) will take place at the University of Colombo. The 8 contestants of the Division A by April, 2021 will be straight away participating in the main competition. In addition to that, there will be an online qualifier round which is open to any student who meets the eligibility criteria. The top ranking 8 students are selected from this qualifier round and they will be given the chance to compete in the main competition as well. All registered contestants are invited to take part in the qualifier round.

Four contestants will be selected based on performance* to represent Sri Lanka at the International Olympiad in Informatics 2021 program, hosted by Singapore.

* If the top 4 scoring contestants at NOI happen to be all boys, a slot will be given to the best scoring girl, given that she scores a minimum X marks at the contest. X will be announced on the first contest day, before starting the contest.

Eligible Languages | භාවිත කළ හැකි භාෂා

Organizing Committee | සංවිධානය

National Olympiad in Informatics program is organized by the ACM student Chapter of UCSC, with collaboration of IOI alumni of Sri Lanka