NOI 2020 - Timeline


9th January, 2020

The awards ceremony for NOI 2019 and the initial workshop for NOI 2020

9th January, 2020.

NOI 2020 contest registration opens

10th February, 2020

NOI Portal access to contestants

February, 2020 onwards

Online practice contests begin
Compete with other contestants, and learn how to approach programming problems

February 2020 onwards

Online and on-site training workshops
Based on the scores you get for practice contests, you will be invited for the workshops

June 2020

National Olympiad in Informatics 2020
A two day competition, at the University of Colombo

July 2020

International Olympiad in Informatics 2020
The national delegation to IOI 2020

October 2020

NOI 2020 Awards Ceremony